Who are we?

About Us

The iAquaponics Group has joined together with some of the most capable individuals and companies from around in the world (industries such as: entertainment, food production, business, legal, manufacturing, among others) to develop commercial food production systems in an urban environment.
By utilizing our proprietary iAquaponic Business Model, we will be able to provide:

  • a considerable number of well-paying jobs
  • a massive quantity of clean, fresh produce and fish grown in a relatively confined area
  • locally based food security
  • new and proven technology
  • a viable business venture that incorporates the latest in sustainable food production practices and conservation
  • and more...

We believe that a for-profit company can also be socially responsibility.
Therefore, weve chosen to develop our businesses at the local level and to become part of the community. With the humble lessons learned from our past as small business entrepreneurs and experience garnered by competing at the international level, we know what it takes to keep our heart and build a global company.

Working Together

Our goal in developing aquaponic food production systems in communities, towns and cities, and countries throughout the world is a considerable undertaking. iAquaponics is already engaged in development activities across the nation and expanding their search for interested and/or strategic partners, including:

  • Investors
  • Government Officials
  • Building Owners
  • Land Owners
  • Food Distributors
  • Farmers' Markets
  • Realtors
  • Attorneys
  • Consumers
  • Educators

 If you are interested in learning more about iAquaponics, please inquire today!